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We are a family-run feel-good house. In the garden, but also in the house, you can let your soul dangle and simply let go! And that's why we live by our own five pillars, which are good for us, good for our guests and good for the next generation.

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letting go

The family feel-good house
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Products from the surrounding area are deliberately promoted.
Handmade bespoke shoes are lovingly made in our own workshop according to your wishes, let us surprise you.


Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in our daily lives, especially when it comes to protecting the environment. There are many ways to save water and conserve resources in an environmentally conscious way. We use special taps and shower heads that reduce water consumption without compromising comfort. We also use ecological detergents and cleaning products as well as Led lamps

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animal welfare products

With us In the Nockberge mountains, special emphasis is placed on animal welfare. The region is known for its animal-friendly approaches and sustainable agriculture. Here you can experience first-hand how animals are kept in a species-appropriate manner and live in harmonious connection with nature. From grazing cows on the lush alpine meadows to free-range chickens on the farms - animal welfare is the focus. Discover the regional products that are made with love and respect for the animals.

Energetic all-round care

The biophoton home generator WLAN/DECT/mobile phone/microwave/magnetic/earth radiation fields are energetically upgraded and optimised.  The water which is additionally enriched with the "Grander system" harmonises and revitalises body, mind and soul. So you can enjoy highly energised water at every tap, when bathing and showering. Energetic wellness treatments to recharge your vital energy are offered individually in our house, we will be happy to advise you.

enjoyment of life

Joie de vivre is not only the magic word for your well-being. In our house you will find your centre again. The diverse offers of enyoment lead you to more mindfulness, more joie de vivre and more well-being with yourself and your surroundings.

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